Q1. What Does MTO mean?

Answer: Ministry of Transportation of Ontario

Q2. How can I book a road test?

Answer: You may book a road test by physically visiting a drive-test center or by calling them or visiting www.drivetest.ca

Q3. What is a “Certified Course” or a “Certificate”?

Answer: Often a “Certified Course” or a “Certificate” is referred to as an MTO-certified BDE course which helps to reduce the waiting time for the G1 exit road test from one year to eight months. This may also reduce insurance payments. No paper certificate is being issued. Once someone successfully completes a BDE course, records are automatically added to his/her driver’s record. Driver records can be collected from Service Ontario.

Q4. What is a BDE Course?

Answer: The BDE course is referred to as MTO approved beginner driver education (BDE) course. It includes Thirty hours of fully digital, online, self-paced lessons and Ten hours of in-car lessons. The course must be completed within eight months of registration, and an extension of four months may be made on special cases. There is no provision for extension after one year of registration.